14 - 16 November, 2017 |

Mark Stanley

Principal Engineer, Cables
JDR Cables
My work at JDR is focused on the development of array cables for offshore wind. Recently this entailed the development, qualification and industrialization of JDRs new ‘wet/semi-wet’ design 66kV WTR-XLPE cable system including factory joints and accessories. I have also worked on aluminum conductors at 33kV for offshore wind, dynamic power cables for offshore O&G, and flexible control umbilicals for offshore applications such as the world’s deepest pile drive and diamond mining. I am passionate about renewable energy technology and I have worked at JDR in Product Development for over ten years. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Exeter.

2:15 PM 66kV array cable system development

·    Introduction to 66kv array cable design
·    Lessons learned from  the ‘Industrialization’ of qualified 66kv array cable technology
·    Essentials of 66kv array cable design for the new offshore standards
·    Next developments of array cables for floating offshore wind

12:00 PM Workshop C | 66kV cables and accessories

The aim of the workshop will be to share and discuss technical knowledge and experience around 66kV array cable systems, in order to broad further the  technical understanding of the how individual components and how the systems work. Attendees can focus on any particular aspect or steer the direction of the workshop.
·         66kV Array cable system
·         66kV Insulation system (XLPE, wet/dry, wet age testing)
·         66kV Cable accessories (inner cone, outer cone, factory joints, repair joints)
·         66kV Cable Installation

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